October 1, 2023

O’Dell, Student to Present Research to General Assembly

On Monday, Jan. 25, Deborah O’Dell, associate professor of biology, and Virginia Lyle King will attend the Undergraduate Research Showcase in Richmond. Ms. King will be presenting her research, done in Deborah O’Dell’s laboratory, on the “Effects of Cell Phone Radiation in Glioblastoma Cells” to the Virginia General Assembly. The event is coordinated by the Education Committee of the Virginia Academy of Science (VAS) and is designed to increase awareness of research in the STEM disciplines being done by undergraduate students at Virginia colleges and universities. Ms. King, along with select other students and representatives from VAS, will briefly address the General Assembly on the impact of research in their education, after which she will present her current findings in a poster session. Ms. King is one of 30 students from around the commonwealth who were selected to participate in this showcase.