June 9, 2023

New Faculty/Staff Fitness & Wellness Programs

UMW Campus Recreation is offering three new faculty and staff fitness and wellness programs. To sign up for a program, contact Josh Kidd at jkidd2@umw.edu.

Fitness Assessment

The University of Mary Washington has great interest in your health and well being. Campus Recreation now offers a structured assessment program for Faculty and Staff to help establish a baseline of health. A series of three sessions will be offered by a Certified Fitness Specialist. This valuable service is offered to you for free.

Session One- During initial consultation your health history, present health status and future health goals will be discussed. Anthropometric measurements such as blood pressure, weight, resting heart rate and BMI will be taken.

Session Two-  Physical assessments will be given to help establish a baseline of fitness. These tests will measure your mobility, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory health.

Session Three- Individualized exercise suggestions will be offered based on your fitness assessment results and personal goals.

Please review the Pre-Assessment Questions. If a medical clearance is necessary, please download here and have your doctor sign, it must be completed prior to the assessment.


Eagle Wellness & Fitness Program

The Eagle Wellness and Fitness Program (EWFP) was created with your total wellness in mind. Understanding there are many facets encompassing a healthy lifestyle is essential for pursuing optimum health. The EWFP will be taught by certified fitness trainers and other professionals who have experience dealing with behavioral changes associated with total wellness. An overview of wellness with an emphasis on fitness is offered to participants. Along with fitness, proper nutrition will be discussed, as it is one of the more important factors encompassing wellness. Ineffective time-management may hinder achievement of health goals. The EWFP touches on effective time-management strategies that incorporate exercise into daily life. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to ask questions and share the vital information learned with colleagues, friends and family.

EWFP will currently be offered twice during the Spring semester at Campus Recreation. Classes will be taught at 6am before the gym opens, Monday and Wednesdays.

January 25th- February 25th 2016 &

NEW DATES!! March 7th- April 6th

Please review the pre-assessment questionnaire. If a medical clearance is necessary, please download here and have your doctor sign. A medical clearance must be obtained before any fitness tests are offered.


Health to Go

Let us bring the good news of wellness to you! Faculty and Staff may choose between two 30-minute sessions discussing back health or nutrition.

BACK HEALTH- A fitness professional will come to your office and offer a tutorial on how to help relieve back muscle tension through strengthening and stretching exercises. Discussion will include common postural issues and ways to combat them.

NUTRITION- A second option offers discussion of myths, tips, and popular trends regarding nutrition.

Health to Go will be offered to small groups of 3-5.