June 2, 2023

Recruiting Classified Employees for Building Coordinators

Please contact Marilyn Birriel at mbirriel@umw.edu with any questions. 

The University is currently inviting full -time classified employees to submit  letters of interest to serve as Building Coordinators (BC) in designated university buildings. Coordinators are needed in the following buildings:

  • Mansion & Economics
  • Brent House
  • Combs Hall
  • Dupont , Pollard & Melchers Hall (2)
  • Fitness Center
  • George Washington Hall
  • Jepson Science Center
  • Lee Hall (2)
  • Marye House
  • Mercer Hall
  • Monroe Hall
  • Trinkle Hall
  • Woodard Hall

Compensation:  Building Coordinators will be paid $1000 annual lump sum bonus payment (subject to federal and state withholdings) at the beginning of each fiscal year. This bonus is only available to BC’s whose primary duties or function is NOT building management.

Please review the attached job announcement, full position description, and supervisor recommendation form.  Submit required materials online at jobs@umw.edu by the close of business on the date below:


Deadline:   Friday, May 13, 2016