September 26, 2023

Japanese Lantern-Making Workshop at Sculpture Studio

It’s been an exciting and creative week in the UMW Sculpture Studio, where community members and students have been working together to learn the process of traditional Japanese lantern making. They’ve been collaborating on a paper sculpture that is about 9 feet tall and 18 feet long. The workshop participants range in age from 8 to 83 years old.

summerworkshopThe workshop is being taught by Brooklyn artist George Ferrandi. George is the director of Wayfarers Studio Program and Gallery in Bushwick, and was the founding member of the touring performance project titled “Cloud Seeding: Circus of the Performative Object.” She also teaches Sculpture and Performance Art at Pratt Institute, at Virginia Commonwealth University and at the Rhode Island School of Design. George also runs a small business specializing in the restoration of statues of saints for churches.

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