March 3, 2024

To: Classified Employees- Tips for Evaluations

From the Office of Human Resources. Please contact Terri Arthur, Employee Relations Manager at for assistance.

To Classified Employees:

Classified Employee Evaluations for 2016

Employee Self-Assessment Process

Your supervisors  have been asked to complete and return your annual evaluations to the Office of Human Resources by October 24, 2016.  As part of this process, every classified employee has the opportunity to conduct a self-assessment and present it to his/her supervisor at least two weeks prior to the evaluation meeting.  This allows you to provide your input concerning your performance and related matters for the performance period of October 24, 2015 – October 25, 2016.

A copy of the Evaluation Form that includes the Self-Assessment can be found at Your supervisor may designate a different format for you to use when completing your self-assessment. Please check with your supervisor to discuss how and when he/she wishes to receive this information.

Factors to consider while completing your self-assessment:

  • General accomplishments and obstacles during the performance cycle
  • Achievement of the core responsibilities/measures of your position
  • Implementation of the performance factors (interpersonal skills, communication, safety, attendance, etc.)
  • Learning points from this cycle
  • Desired goals and training for the new cycle

Additional information and tips on completing the Self-Assessment are attached. self-assessment-process