September 24, 2023

2016-17 Academic/Administrative Fire Drill Schedule

2016-17 UMW Academic/Administrative Fire Drill Schedule 

Week Number Date Building 1 Building 2 Building 3
1 October 3-7 GW Lee Hall HCC
2 Oct 10-15 (SFMO Insp) DuPont Hall Pollard Hall Melcher Hall
3 October 17-21 (Fall Break Partial) Fairfax House Hamlet House Tyler House /Marye House
4 October 24-28 Fitness Ctr/Goolrick Hall /Anderson Trinkle 1201 William
5 Oct. 31-Nov 4 Alumni Center Tennis Center Brent House
6 November 7-11 Monroe Jepson Woodard
7 November 14-18 Simpson Library Combs Hall 1004 College
8 Nov 21-25 (Thg Break) None None None
9 Nov 28-Dec. 2 Stafford N Stafford S Dahlgren
10 December 5-9 Heating Plant Brent Mercer
11 December 12-16 (Finals) None None None
12 December 19-23 Closed Closed Closed
13 December 26-30 Closed Closed Closed


  • You will know the week of your drill but not the specific date
  • These may be subject to change for cause. (You will be notified)
  • Proceed quickly and calmly to the closest emergency exit
  • Follow the lead of your Building Coordinator
  • Marshaling points should not be close to buildings
  • Don’t search buildings for staff, leave the building
  • Don’t block entrances to building or places where first responders will be
  • Get the best accountability of your staff
  • Never re-enter a building after leaving


Any questions may be directed to Briant Atkins, Campus Fire Safety Officer  x2108