July 12, 2024

MyTime Deadlines and Winter Break

Fellow colleagues, 

Winter break is rapidly approaching and the Payroll staff needs your assistance. In order meet the Commonwealth of Virginia processing deadlines and to ensure employees are paid as scheduled, it is imperative for timecards to be error free, complete and approved by the deadlines below. 

If the employee has completed working and will not work over break, we strongly encourage employees and supervisors to approve the timecards for the pay period(s) prior to leaving for break.  Reminder: when approving in advance, select Current Pay Period 

Semi-monthly Employees (classified, A/P faculty, etc.)

Pay Period 11/25-12/9, approval due no later than noon on 12/12/16

Pay Period 12/10-12/25, approval due no later than noon on 1/3/17

Students/Wage Employees

Pay Period 11/28-12/11, approval due no later than noon on 12/12/16

Pay Period 12/12-12/25, approval due no later than noon on 1/3/17

Supervisors, it is critical that you review the timecard for any exceptions, including missing punches and resolve these prior to your employee leaving for winter break.  Incomplete or unapproved timecards prevent the entire Payroll from being completed. 

Time-off Requests

Many employees and supervisors will use leave prior to and/or after break. Please ensure leave requests are processed and approved prior to timecard approval deadlines.


Manager Delegation

Supervisors unavailable to approve timecards or time-off requests may Delegate their approval to another MyTime supervisor. Supervisors receiving the delegation must accept the request in MyTime before they will have access. Please use the MyTime Supervisor Manual to view the instructions.

Reminder for Exempt Employees

Effective Monday, 11/28/16, all exempt employees are on a fixed two week (80 hour) work period. The work period is now included on payroll MyTime Full-time Approval and Deadline Calendar.


Estimated Leave Loss for Classified Employees

The new leave year begins on 1/10/17. Maximum carry over limits are applied to annual leave balances. Classified employees can determine if they may lose leave by viewing their leave balances on their timecard or their supervisor may run an Accrual Detail report. The attached document estimated-leave-loss shows how an employee may determine their estimated leave loss. The MyTime Supervisor Manual explains how a supervisor may run the report.  

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 



Allyson P. Moerman, CPA.CITP, CGFM, CGMA

Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller

University of Mary Washington


540-654-1168 – fax