July 23, 2024

UMW transitioning to new custodial services contract

On Friday, Feb. 10, Professional Building Maintenance Inc. (PBM) will begin providing custodial services to a number of UMW facilities including UMW Athletic facilities, Hurley Convergence Center, Simpson Library, University Center, Stafford Campus and several others. We appreciate the four years of service provided by GCA Services and expect a number of employees to transition to PBM, so there should be some familiar faces along with some new ones.

Some temporary disruption often accompanies the introduction of a new organization, but please know that UMW Facilities Services as well as PBM will be closely monitoring and work to resolve issues promptly. A special word of thanks to those individuals who agreed to review, interview and score the competing firms, and of course a huge “thank you” to the folks in Procurement who put in many hours to make this happen.