September 27, 2023

Moon Featured on C-SPAN 3

A lecture given last month by Krystyn Moon, associate professor of history and program director of American studies, will air on C-SPAN 3 on Saturday, April 8.

Moon’s lecture is about anti-immigration laws in the 19th century, focusing on Chinese immigrants.

Krystyn Moon has a bachelor’s degree from Pomona College and a master’s and doctorate from The Johns Hopkins University. Her teaching focuses on the history of American popular culture, U.S. immigration, the American West, gender and sexuality, consumerism and food. She has also written several articles on immigration, race and popular culture. She is the author of “Yellowface: Creating the Chinese in American Popular Music and Performance, 1850s-1920s”.

“Nineteenth Century Chinese Immigration” will be available after it airs on April 8. To listen, visit