February 26, 2024

Larus Hosts Roundtable in Hong Kong

Elizabeth Freund Larus, Waple Professor of Political Science and International Affairs, organized and chaired the Roundtable “Security Dynamics in the Asia-Pacific” at the International Studies Association-Hong Kong conference June 15-18, 2017, in Hong Kong. She also presented her research paper, “U.S. Naval Coalition Building and Regional Security in the Asia-Pacific,” at the conference.

Bylenok Publishes Poem “Homologue: Husband”

Over the summer, the journal Vinyl published Assistant Professor of English Laura Bylenok’s poem “Homologue: Husband,” which can be found here:



UFC, SAC, Student Leaders Unite Against Bigotry

The University Faculty Council, the Staff Advisory Council and UMW’s student leaders have adopted the following resolutions:

The University Faculty Council of the University of Mary Washington offers solidarity with the students, faculty, and staff at the University of Virginia and with the citizens of Charlottesville in strongly condemning the bigotry, hatred, violence, and intimidation exhibited by supporters of the “Unite the Right” event.  Consistent with the values of the academy, we encourage responsible, civil, compassionate, and mutually respectful discourse on the difficult topics of race, identity, and history.  We utterly condemn the ideologies espoused by white supremacist, white nationalist, and Nazi groups, which stand for violence, intimidation, and the marginalization of members of our community.  We affirm our commitment to diversity and inclusion and to the protection of respectful civil discourse.  We, too, “stand ready to defend those values against any who seek to undermine them.”

The Staff Advisory Council of the University of Mary Washington strongly condemns the hateful violence and acts of bigotry that occurred in Charlottesville during a “Unite the Right” event earlier this month.

The Staff Advisory Council stands in solidarity with our student leaders and the University Faculty Council condemning these acts of intimidation, bigotry, and hatred.  We support the First Amendment rights of free speech and peaceable assembly, however acts of violence and terrorism are not protected by this amendment.  We support and encourage respectful civil discussion of varied viewpoints, opinions, and differences.  The Staff Advisory Council is committed to UMW values and to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment of mutual respect for students, faculty, staff, and community of all backgrounds and identities.

We extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of Heather Heyer and state troopers H. Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates whose lives were lost.  Our thoughts are also with the dozens who were injured, the University of Virginia, and the Charlottesville community.

UMW United: We, as leaders of the student organizations at UMW, want to express our sorrow at the events of civil unrest and violence that broke out over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia. The past few days have seen us bear witness to a white supremacist rally marching through the University of Virginia’s campus, and propagandizing racism and hatred.

Here at the University of Mary Washington, our core principles of equal opportunity and diversity are not only practiced but celebrated. We, as a community, do not condone this behavior of discrimination or violence.

Additionally, our thoughts and prayers are with the dozens who were injured as well as the friends and families of Heather Heyer and state troopers H. Jay Cullen and Berke M.M. Bates who lost their lives in the fight against bigotry and hatred.

If anyone on campus witnesses discriminatory behavior or injustice, do not hesitate to reach out and report them. Please utilize the following resources that are here to promote diversity and inclusion: James Farmer Multicultural Center, Title IX Office, Talley Center, UMW Police, and the Diversity and Unity Coordinating Committee.

Together, we are one UMW. Together, we are UMW United.

Welcome, New Faculty Members

The following new faculty were introduced at the opening faculty meeting on Aug. 22:

Nicole W. Barnes, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication, Ph.D. earned at Georgia State University

Michael G. Benson, Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre and Dance, M.F.A. earned at the Pennsylvania State University

[Susanne] Brenta Blevins, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication, Ph.D. earned at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Michael A. Bratt, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Music, D.M.A. earned at the Cleveland Institute of Music

John D. Burrow, Lecturer, College of Business, D.M. earned at the University of Maryland University College

James B. Collins, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Ph.D. earned at North Carolina State University

Julia A. DeLancey, Professor, Department of Art and Art History, Ph.D. earned at the University of St. Andrews

Alexandra M. Dunn, Assistant Professor, College of Business, Ph.D. earned at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Pamela R. Grothe, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Ph.D. earned at the Georgia Institute of Technology

Chelsea K. Hampton, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication, Ph.D. earned at North Carolina State University

Christy K. Irish, Assistant Professor, College of Education, Ph.D. earned at George Mason University

Suzie Kim, Assistant Professor, Department of Art and Art History, Ph.D. earned at the University of Maryland

[James] Brooks Kuykendall, Professor, Department of Music, Ph.D. earned at Cornell University

Lauren K. McMillan, Assistant Professor, Department of Historic Preservation, Ph.D. earned at the University of Tennessee

Patrick R. Rich, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychological Science, Ph.D. earned at Kent State University

Kyle T. Schultz, Associate Professor, College of Education, Ph.D. earned at the University of Georgia

Melissa S. Wells, Assistant Professor, College of Education, Ph.D. earned at the University of South Carolina

Robert L. Wells, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Music, Ph.D. earned at the University of Rochester

Rucker Forecasts Fox 5 Weather from Fredericksburg Campus

Wake up early Friday morning to watch our own Cedric Rucker deliver the day’s weather forecast on Washington’s Fox 5 News from the Fredericksburg campus. Join the bow-tied Dean of Student Life by the Jepson Science Center fountain for his 6:35 a.m. and 6:45 a.m. broadcast, or tune in to Fox 5 News at those times for his live weather prognostication.

The segment, which airs on Friday, is part of the news team’s Fox 5 Zip Trip summer on-location weather excursions to showcase broadcast sites within the D.C. area.

Buster-Williams Gives Keynote

Kimberley Buster-Williams, vice president for enrollment management, gave the keynote address at Paskill, Stapleton and Lord’s summer conference. The conference was titled “The Making of a Super Recruiter: Making Good Recruiters Great.”

The conference, held July 20-21, 2017, in downtown Philadelphia, was designed to provide top Admission talent “next level training.” Led by PS&L consultants, participants were challenged to develop better internal communication skills, become more articulate representatives of their institution, hone their sales skills, and to move beyond the basics of Admissions 101. Participants were led through a series of workshops, utilizing small group breakout sessions.

The title of Buster-Williams’ address was “No Mud, No Lotus: Becoming a Super Recruiter.”

Gray Appointed to National Board

Edward Gray, Systems Integration and Support Specialist in UMW’s IT Support Services, has been appointed to the IT Service Management Forum’s USA Chapter Board of Directors. The Board provides guidance and support for the itSMF USA Local Interest Groups and Communities of Interest across the nation. Gray is filling a recent vacancy for the remainder of the calendar year, when scheduled elections occur.

Edward GrayAt the Board of Directors’ face-to-face meeting on July 14, 2017, Gray assumed the role of Director of Content. Per the organization’s website, this role is “responsible for leading the development and maintenance of all content, intellectual property and programs which are consumed or utilized by our members and for their benefit.” Areas under this portfolio include Member Programs, Intellectual Capital (eBooks, white papers, video content, etc.), Research and all other forms of content and programs.

Gray has been at UMW for more than 16 years, serving in various IT roles. He earned an MS in Management Information Systems from UMW in 2010. He participated in the Leadership UMW inaugural cohort. He has also earned several technical and service management certifications. With respect to itSMF USA, he has served as the Manager for the itSMF USA Higher Education Community of Interest and as a Board and Interest Group (BIG) advisory committee member. For more on Gray, visit his website at http://www.edwardgray.com.

itSMF USA logo

itSMF USA is a nonprofit association dedicated to building a community of professionals for the purpose of networking, knowledge sharing, and education to advance the service management profession and strengthen its members. For more information on itSMF USA, contact Edward Gray or visit their website at http://www.itsmfusa.org.

Richards Presents on Carson McCullers in Rome

Gary Richards, Associate Professor of English and Chair of the Department of English, Linguistics, and Communication, recently presented at the Carson McCullers in the World: A Centenary Conference, held in Rome, Italy, July 14-16, 2017. His paper, Clock without Hands, Go Set a Watchman, and the Queering of Southern Integration, juxtaposed McCullers’ final novel with the apprenticeship novel of fellow Southern writer Harper Lee to examine these women’s writers most significant contributions to what has come to be called civil rights literature.

Rabson Publishes Translation of Book about Okinawan Wives

Author Etsuko Takushi Crissey of Okinawa’s G.I. Brides: Their Lives in America (University of Hawaii Press, 2017) traveled throughout the United States conducting interviews and a questionnaire survey of the many Okinawan wives of former American servicemen. With 30,000 U.S. forces still stationed in Okinawa, about 200 marry women there every year. Her interviews of women who have come here from the late 1940s to the present include first-person accounts of their many hardships as soldiers’ wives, immigrants, and members of a racial minority, and how most managed to overcome them and lead fulfilling lives here.

Gately Performs with the National Symphony Orchestra

Doug Gately performed with a parade of superstars on July 4 with the National Symphony Orchestra. The concert,  A Capital Fourth, was televised live from the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol.