June 3, 2023

Upcoming Summer Construction Projects

The following message is from the department of Facilities Services.

Upcoming Summer Construction Projects:

George Washington Hall Repair to Exterior Stairs – Project involves repairs to both north and south entrances to GW Hall at both the basement and first floor levels.  Project will start on or about May 15th and continue through June.  First phase will involve repairs to the north landing (towards Westmoreland) and only once that work is complete will work begin on the south entrance (towards Double Drive).  Work on the north stairs will require closing of both first floor and basement entrances.  Work on the south stairs will only require close of the entrance to the basement and the steps leading to the first floor.  The ADA ramp and landing will remain open during repairs.  Please contact Gary Hobson at 540-654-1292 should you have any questions.

Goolrick Hall Plaza and Wall Repairs – Project involves replacement of existing brick deck outside of the natatorium with new waterproofing and concrete deck, repairs to the brick wall running along Alvey Drive, including installation of helical piles near both staircases and repair to various sections of masonry.  Work is expected to start on or about May 15th and will run through the end of July.  While repairs to the plaza will require closing the stairs on both the north and south ends of the plaza, work will be phased so that only one stair is closed at a time; allowing pedestrian traffic from the Alvey Parking Deck up to Goolrick Hall/Anderson Center.  It is important to note that repairs to the wall will restrict Alvey Drive to one lane vehicular traffic throughout the project.   Vehicles will be required to come to a complete stop and yield to oncoming traffic before proceeding.  Please contact Gary Hobson at 540-654-1292 should you have any questions.

Trinkle Hall Basement ADA Ramp – Installation of a new interior ADA compliant ramp at the basement hallway steps on the northeast side of Trinkle Hall (towards Mason Hall).  The completed ramp will include new flooring and wall base at impacted areas.  Work area will be cordoned off during construction.  Pedestrian access to all classrooms and offices should remain open.  Construction will start on or after May 15 and will take approximately 45 days with completion anticipated by end of June.  Demolition of existing flooring using air powered jack hammering is anticipated for the week of May 15-19 and should not take more than one full day.  Please contact Rob Johnston at 540-654-1299 should you have any questions.

University Annex Parking Construction of a new parking lot in the area previously occupied by the Annex B trailers.  Project includes new site lighting, a new emergency blue light phone, dumpster pad, and improved stormwater management.  Construction will occasionally impact both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on College Avenue near the intersection with Payne Street.  Project is expected to begin later this summer and should take approximately ten weeks to complete.  Further details to follow, if you have any questions please contact Les Johnson at 540-654-2100.

Woodard Hall Arcade Roof – Replacement of the existing roof above the arcade walk along Woodard Hall.  Passage through the arcade should remain open to the University community; however, the arcade passageway will be used daily by construction workers and equipment.  During roof replacement work, access points to adjacent patios from the arcade may be barricaded for safety.  Work includes new painting of steel deck or roof underside of arcade.  Overhead protection should be in place during this portion of work.  Construction will start on or after Tuesday May 16 and should run through the end of July.  Please contact Rob Johnston at 540-654-1299 should you have any questions.