June 1, 2023

Update on Summer Construction Projects

University Annex Parking – Construction of a new parking lot in the area previously occupied by the Annex B trailers.  Project includes new site lighting, a new emergency blue light phone, dumpster pad, and improved stormwater management.  Construction will occasionally impact both pedestrian and vehicular traffic on College Avenue near the intersection with Payne Street.  Contractor is mobilizing this week with construction activity to begin soon after. Construction is expected to be completed by October.   Please contact Les Johnson at 540-654-2100 should you have any questions.

Amphitheater Rehabilitation – Restoration, repair, and new construction associated with the existing Amphitheatre.  Work includes improvements to the stage area with repair/replacement of the columns and balustrade; restoration of audience seating; ADA improvements for parking, seating, and restrooms; and stormwater. Special attention has been made to preserve mature healthy trees, remove diseased/impaired trees, and replanting to mitigate any loss of trees.  The project will include the addition of a new restroom building at the rear of Trinkle Hall.  Construction is estimated to begin in August and take approximately 9 months with substantial completion anticipated in Spring 2018.  During construction activities, the rear of Lee Hall and Trinkle Hall will be closed to the university community and used exclusively for construction staging and work with limited delivery and garbage disposal access.  From the UMW website, more information is available per the following link: http://giving.umw.edu/amphitheatre/sustainability/  Please contact Rob Johnston at 540-654-1299 should you have any questions.

Woodard Hall Arcade Roof – Replacement of the existing roof above the arcade walk along Woodard Hall.  Passage through the arcade will be closed to public and the University community during power washing and painting. Construction runs through the end of July.  Please contact Rob Johnston at 540-654-1299 should you have any questions.

Goolrick Hall Plaza and Wall Repairs – Project continues with waterproofing of the deck and replacement of much of the brick wall.   Remaining work includes installation of flashing before placement of concrete deck and miscellaneous repairs including new doors and frames, and reinstallation of exterior lighting.  Despite some additional work, the project is expected to be completed by the end of July.   While repairs continue, pedestrians and drivers are reminded to stay alert to signage and safety barriers around Goolrick Hall and along Alvey Drive.  Please contact Gary Hobson at 540-654-1292 should you have any questions.

Trinkle Hall Basement ADA Ramp – Installation of a new interior ADA compliant ramp at the basement hallway steps on the northeast side of Trinkle Hall (towards Mason Hall).  The work is mostly complete with delivery and installation of finish floor tile and new stair treads to be complete by end of July. Please contact Rob Johnston at 540-654-1299 should you have any questions.

George Washington Hall Repair to Exterior Stairs – Repairs to both entrances were completed in June.  Considering possible replacement of cracked terrazzo tiles on the main entrance with granite.  Please contact Gary Hobson at 540-654-1292 should you have any questions.

Jepson Science Center – Funding and design issues have delayed the start of construction of the new addition to Jepson. Updates on progress will be forthcoming.

Willard Hall – A steam tunnel failure and break has rendered Willard Hall uninhabitable at the present time. An assessment of the extent of the damage and recommendations for repair are ongoing and will extend into the fall of 2017.