July 17, 2024

Schultz Hits the Water, Lands in National Geographic

During the week, Maria Schultz is assistant director for design services in UMW’s University Relations department. When she’s not working, though, her favorite place to be is on the water, with her dogs.

Maria Schultz

UMW’s Maria Schultz paddle-boarding with her dogs, Kona and Riley. Photo courtesy Melissa Colombo

Schultz lists paddle-camping and stand-up paddle-boarding with her two dogs, Kona and Riley, among her passions. “It’s really the perfect weekend,” she said.

Schultz maintains an Instagram account dedicated to this pastime and to her sporty canines, sponsored in part by Zuke’s, a Durango, Colorado-based company that makes dog treats. She posts accounts of her water adventures on a regular basis.

Schultz published a book last year titled Paddle Tails: Reflections on people and dogs who find balance on the water, along with UMW’s Lisa Chinn Marvashti. And in 2013, Schultz published How to SUP with your PUP: A guide to stand-up paddle-boarding with your dog.

Jen Sotolongo, a National Geographic writer, knew of Schultz from her work with Zuke’s, and decided to include her in a feature that showcases nine other athletes with their animal compadres. The National Geographic story shows Schultz on the Shenandoah River, one of her favorite spots. “The western bank is state park, so you can camp anywhere.”

“I’m known as the girl who paddles with her dogs,” she said. “Paddle-boarding is our thing.”

Visit http://on.natgeo.com/2u177vW to read more about Schultz’s adventures. And to follow her (and Kona and Riley) on Instagram, go to http://bit.ly/2uXdOlP







  1. Beate Ankjaer-Jensen says

    Maria is not only a great athlete and dog trainer, she also uses her M. Ed from UMW to teach people! Thank you Maria for being such a great inspiration and friend.