June 9, 2023

Weight Watchers at Work

As employees at UMW, we are all incredibly busy creating opportunities for students and improving the University in whatever ways we can. Jon Reynolds and Taryn Snyder both work for UMW Theatre as the Director of Marketing and Audiences Services and the Assistant to the Chair, respectively. Jon graduated in 2007 with a degree in theatre and has been working in the theatre department for 10 years; Taryn graduated from UMW in 2015, also with a degree in theatre.

If you’ve passed them on campus lately, you’re seeing far less of them. Both have been phenomenally successful at Weight Watchers, shedding pounds and gaining new perspectives. Oh – and in the process, they’ve received reimbursements from our state health plan.

Here, Taryn and Jon step out of their comfort zones to talk about their drive to stay healthy (and happy) while at work.

Jon Reynolds, Taryn Snyder

Jon Reynolds and Taryn Snyder are having fun with Weight Watchers on campus.

Jon: We find ourselves VERY busy during the academic year, and it is sometimes difficult to remember to be healthy in that environment. But I have made a dedicated effort to attend the Weight Watchers@Work meetings every Thursday.

Taryn: I, too, am committed to those Thursday meetings. Jon and I try to walk consistently in the morning before the day starts. The walk allows us to discuss the pending day and things we want to accomplish, while also giving us the opportunity to exercise and unwind before the day gets crazy.

Jon: Both Taryn and I used to go through periods of time where we were working six  days a week rehearsing. But when we started our current jobs, it kind of hit us both hard that performing was the thing keeping us active. What we do now is two-fold, serving the academic department during the day, and the production program during the evenings. Not a lot of people realize how hard people work in the field of theatre. It is not easy!

Taryn: And when the idea of doing WW@Work came up, Jon challenged my preconceived notions, explaining that it is not just about losing weight anymore. Even more than that, I’ve personally come to learn that it’s about being your healthiest and happiest self. We’ve tried new foods and recipes, new workouts, etc. because the meetings encourage us to live “beyond the scale.” I think a big reason people are so anti-WW is because they think it’s dated and just counting calories. It’s so much more than that!

Jon: I agree, and I think that it is helpful – even essential – to have another individual or group to hold you accountable and push you to keep making healthy choices. Sometimes Taryn will say “We can go to Chipotle for lunch, but we have to walk after work.” In other words, we have to earn that lunch!

Taryn: Don’t get us wrong: If that conversation takes place, we almost always go to Chipotle – so, we are getting in a lot of afternoon walks!


Jon: We made a commitment to do Weight Watcher@Work, and we really do look forward to the meetings each week. It gives us a chance to step out of the office for a little bit. Plus, the other people there are fun to be around, and our group leader is EXTREMELY inspiring and tolerant of Taryn and me laughing and joking around.


Taryn: But we contribute to the conversation, and we’re always able to reel ourselves back in if we get off track. We have a good time!


Jon: I can honestly say that after more than a year of going to meetings and having Taryn hold me accountable, I am in way better shape than this time last year.


Taryn: I agree 100 percent! We push each other, and we both feel better about ourselves. The sense of community at the meetings is amazing.



Thinking you’d like to shed a few pounds and feel better about yourself? Come any Thursday and check out UMW’s Weight Watchers@Work. We meet from 12:15 to 12:45 in Room 111 on the ground floor of the Hurley Convergence Center. You’ll find out how much fun we have! We’ll tell you all you need to know – and there may be some freebies thrown in!






  1. Laura Allison says

    Amazing! Congratulations Jon and Taryn!!!

  2. Julie Coates says

    Great article! You both look awesome!