June 12, 2024

Campus Environment Presidential Ad Hoc Committee

The following message is from the Office of the President: 

To the UMW Community: 

I write to announce that I have created the Campus Environment Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on the recommendation of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force. This presidential committee is charged with conducting an audit of the public displays of history and culture in the campus common areas, including academic and administration buildings and residence halls, and to make recommendations where appropriate. The committee’s goal is to recognize and preserve the school’s history while also updating and contextualizing displays to reflect the changes in our student body and to create a fully welcoming environment for all students, faculty, and staff. The committee is also charged with making sure that the physical environments on our campuses more generally reflect our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Membership includes:

• Michael Spencer, Class of 2003, Historic Preservation (Committee Chair)

• Jazmin Andrews, student

• Erin Krutko Devlin, History and American Studies

• Stephen Hanna, Geography

• (Elizabeth) Gracie Hardy, student

• Venitta McCall, Education

• Cedric Rucker, Class of 1981, Dean of Students

• Mark Thaden, Class of 2002, Office of Alumni Relations

• Laura Wilson, Psychology

• Susan Worrell, Office of Events 

Thanks to all of the committee members for their service. 

Troy D. Paino, J.D., Ph.D.