July 14, 2024

Message from the Office of Title IX

Dear UMW Community, 

On September 22, 2017, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced the rescission of the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter and the 2014 Q&A on Title IX and Sexual Violence and implemented interim guidance.  Diversity and inclusion, including sex and gender, are core principals to our mission as a University and an essential requirement for academic excellence and success. OCR has indicated an intention to engage in further rule-making on this topic, so it is uncertain how this interim guidance will change in the future. What is certain is the University’s and The Office of Title IX’s commitment to creating and fostering a community free from sex or gender discrimination.  

The interim guidance issued by OCR last Friday remains mostly permissive rather than prescriptive which allows for a thoughtful consideration period of any changes to our current policies and practices. Accordingly, until further notice, UMW will continue to investigate and adjudicate incidents of sexual assault, interpersonal violence, stalking and other forms of prohibited conduct based on the procedures outlined in our Policy on Sexual and Gender Based Violence and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence. This policy is reviewed annually with the next update scheduled for September 2018. The University of Mary Washington remains committed to continuing to provide education, outreach, support, and resources to our students and employees and to create an environment free of sex or gender discrimination.  

Along with my team, I will continue to remain abreast of any changes and support our students and employees. If you have questions, please email Tiffany Oldfield at toldfiel@umw.edu. 

Tiffany W. Oldfield, J.D.

Title IX Coordinator