June 22, 2024

ERROR: TIAA Mailing for William & Mary

Dear ORPHE members  

This morning, I received this alert from my counterpart at the College of William and Mary.  Please know that this was only a mailing list error. We will also be in touch with TIAA and will follow up with you if there are any additional concerns. 

Sabrina, HR 

Good Morning – 

I want to alert you to a significant problem that occurred with a mailing that TIAA prepared and sent on our behalf.  William & Mary is in the process of making a number of change to our retirement programs. TIAA prepared an update brochure and cover letter under my signature to send to our employees and retirees.  However, TIAA pulled the wrong mail list and mailed this package to 9,000 ORPHE participants across the state.  

I am receiving numerous emails and calls from your colleagues about why they received this package from me.  Most are obviously concerned that their data has somehow been breached or compromised, which it has not been.   

TIAA is preparing an apology letter to drop in the mail today.  As soon as the letter is final, either TIAA or I will send this letter to you later today so you can send to your employees as you see fit.  I have also asked TIAA to try to email affected individuals since it will take a few days for the letter to arrive in the mail. 

I do not_ think_ that the letter was mailed to employees at the other opt out schools. I think it was only mailed to employees and retirees at the ORPHE universities. 

Please accept my apologies for the disruption and concern that this mailing snafu is having with many of your employees. 

Feel free to contact Amanda Falcon at TIAA or me with any questions or concerns. 



John M. Poma

Chief Human Resources Officer
William & Mary
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795
P: (757) 221-3115

F: (757) 221-7724