May 29, 2023

Stephen Farnsworth Comments in Various Media Outlets

Political Science Professor Stephen Farnsworth has been quoted in numerous media outlets, including The Washington Times, WHRO TV, CTV News, WAMU, WMAL, The Daily Press and The Washington Post. To read more, visit the following links:

McAuliffe celebrates gains in final State of the Commonwealth address (The Washington Times)

The Changing Nature of Virginia Politics (WHRO TV)

Moon Jae-In Credits Trump For Inter-Korea Talks (CTV News Channel)

Democrats Look To Leverage Recent Gains As Virginia General Assembly Opens (WAMU)

Mornings on the Mall (WMAL)

Voters in Virginia Appeal Ruling Against New Election (Courthouse

Oprah for President (CTV News Channel)

An uncertain run-up to an uncertain General Assembly session (Daily Press)

Debate over Confederate monuments unlikely to affect Lee-Jackson Day (Daily Press)

Election Emboldens Democratic Caucus (Richmond Magazine)

Judge won’t block Republican in tight Virginia House race tainted by ballot mix-up (The Washington Post)