June 1, 2023

Phishing Email Alert

On Saturday afternoon, February 3, many students and staff of the UMW community received an email titled “UMW Alert.”  This is a phishing email and not from any department at UMW.  

“Phishing” is an attempt by a hacker to trick you into giving them your username and password so they can take over your account.  This can lead to your account being used to send spam or other phishing emails.   

This was a very targeted attempt to trick users.  There are a few ways you can tell that this is not a legitimate email:


Also, if you did click the link, it took you to a FAKE UMW login page:

If you entered your UMW NetID and Password on this FAKE page, please change your password immediately by following these steps:

  1. Click the “Passwords” icon at the top of the UMW home page.
  2. Click “Change Your NetID Password.”
  3. Follow the instructions to reset your NetID password.  Note the password rules on the right side of the page.

If you cannot change your password, or have any other questions or concerns about this email, please email the Help Desk at helpdesk@umw.edu, or leave a voicemail at 540-654-2255.