September 29, 2023

Mary Wash Moves Announces April Winners

The April edition of Mary Wash Moves, the university’s employee walking challenge, wrapped up on April 30. All steps were tallied and averaged per team, but only one team came out on top: the gray team with an average of $289,274 steps in 30 days!

Congratulations to Cartland Berge, Leah Tams, Jerry Slezak, Shannon Hauser, Gwendolyn Hale, Sean Michael Morris, Kashef Majid, Jessica McGraw, Debra Schleef, and Christie Glancy. These individuals have won a free mindfulness session with Campus Recreation instructor Bill Brooks. The celebration date and time are still to be determined.

During Mary Wash Moves, UMW faculty and staff don’t mess around! Very unique strategies are used to gain extra steps in the work day, such as using the restroom in a different building, delivering mail by hand instead of using campus mail, and printing documents on a different floor in the building. Everyone’s creative efforts are truly something to be proud of!

Stay tuned for the next edition of Mary Wash Moves. It’s free to join and a lot of fun!