October 2, 2023

Message from Business Services about Pearson Products

Dear campus partners, 

Over the past few weeks stores, faculty and students nationwide have experienced service and access issues with Pearson products and services.

What is known is that Pearson is upgrading their systems, and it appears to be affecting many aspects of operations:

–          Oasis

–          Revel:  (functional again as of 7 a.m. 7/25/18)

–          Order entry

–          Shipping

–          Customer Service

–          Support  

Delayed shipments of materials ordered through Oasis have been reported by other stores.  While there are no indications at this time of delays for UMW, it is important to be aware of the possibility.   

A list serve message from Pearson representative Tom Hoffa indicates that Pearson is working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

We will share any information regarding delays for UMW as it is learned. 


Kathy Sandor

UMW Business Services