May 21, 2024

Important Contract Authorization Reminder

The following message is from the Office of Administration and Finance:  

I’m writing to remind you that all contracts, regardless of source of funds, must be coordinated through the Procurement Office. In addition, please be reminded that only four individuals at UMW are authorized to sign contracts: President Paino, Jeff McClurken, Lynne Richardson, and Melva Kishpaugh.

It has come to my attention that there is some confusion regarding when contracts must be handled through the UMW Procurement Office, particularly when the source of funds is from the UMW Foundation, student registration fees, or some other non-UMW source. Please note that, when UMW or any department or subpart of UMW is a party to a contract, the requirements of the Virginia Public Procurement Act must be followed, and the Procurement Office must be involved. This is also the case regardless of the vendor or contractor, even when the contract does not involve money, and even if funding is provided by some third party.

The authority to sign contracts must be explicitly granted, and at this time, only the four individuals listed above have that authority.

If you have any questions, please contact Melva Kishpaugh at or Lynne Richardson at