June 2, 2023

A Message From President Troy Paino

Dear A/P Faculty, Classified, and Wage Employees, 

Every job at UMW has a purpose, and the work you do every day is important; it is therefore important to UMW that employee salaries are fair and competitive.  To that end, we had a market study conducted last year in order to understand the differences in compensation between UMW and comparable public and private sectors.  Each job was assigned a grade based on the details of the job description, or EWP.    

After reviewing the results of the market study, I am pleased to announce that we have allocated $300,000 toward staff salary adjustments.  These adjustments will bring all classified and wage staff salaries above the state minimum salary for each grade, and to at least 90% of the UMW minimum for each job, which is called the sub-band minimum.  These adjustments will bring all A/P Faculty salaries to at least 80% of the market midpoint.     

Salary adjustments will be made for classified and wage employees whose salaries fall below 90% of the sub-band minimum, which will result in 102 adjustments.   

Salary adjustments will be made for A/P Faculty whose salaries are below 80% the market midpoint, resulting in 18 adjustments. 

Additional information, including a list of FAQ’s, will soon be provided by Human Resources.  You will also receive an email from Human Resources the week of September 10 that will include information about your title, job grade and whether or not you are eligible for an adjustment based on your current compensation.  Salary adjustments will appear in the paycheck dated September 28.   

Thank you for all you do for UMW; the actions described above are a positive first step toward bringing UMW salaries to a more competitive level, and I assure you we are continuing to look at compensation as we move forward.  


Troy D. Paino, J.D., Ph.D.