March 3, 2024

A Message from President Paino – Risk Management and Internal Control Standards

Dear UMW Faculty and Staff, 

As a Virginia public institution, we have an overall objective to provide essential services, protect the Commonwealth’s interests, and maintain citizens’ confidence.  To achieve this objective, we must have exceptional risk management capabilities that address the full spectrum of risks facing our University and its programs.  

Through the efforts of many of you, the University successfully implemented the 2006 Commonwealth’s Agency Risk Management and Internal Control Standards (ARMICS) directive.  This directive is a structured and disciplined approach to risk management which minimizes avoidable loss, missed opportunities, and uncertainty as we reach our strategic goals. 

At the core of this program is management’s commitment to the University’s overall control environment, often referred to as the “tone at the top.”  As President of the University of Mary Washington, I am strongly committed to ensuring an environment of effective internal controls.  I consider the ARMICS Program a high priority for the University and I ask that you fully embrace this initiative.   

Each of you has a role to play in risk management.  This means identifying and addressing the daily risks and opportunities you face, completing assignments while following established policies and procedures, and taking prompt and effective action to meet these challenges.  We are also stewards of public resources with a role in safeguarding state assets from loss or inappropriate use.  We look to all of our employees to apply a daily risk management mindset and expect you to hold others accountable for setting a strong and positive example.   

Please expect a request to complete an all-campus survey to be distributed later this week. The survey addresses your perceptions of internal controls, risk and management integrity throughout the university. Your participation is highly recommended to support our annual compliance certification to the Commonwealth. 

Additionally, please take time to review the University’s Ethical Business Practices and Principles and Values.  These documents describe the standard expectations of all members of our UMW community.  Through your efforts, I know that we can maintain an environment of sound internal controls by documenting and improving operating procedures and organizational planning consistent with the University’s mission, goals, and priorities.   

Troy D. Paino, J.D., Ph.D.