May 22, 2024

UMW Forms Partnership with Northern Virginia Conservation Trust

UMW students at the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust luncheon.

UMW students at the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust’s 25th anniversary conservation luncheon.

UMW students have the opportunity to learn about the policy process, gain practical skills, and pursue their passion for protecting the environment. Dr. Ranjit Singh has formed a partnership with the Northern Virginia Conservation Trust (NVCT), a land trust operating in the dense urban areas of Northern Virginia’s suburbs. Dr. Singh, associate professor of political science and international affairs, has worked with NVCT to help students learn about legislative and legal strategies for conserving undeveloped land. A partnership that provides unique learning experiences for the students and much-needed support for the NVCT, Singh has used his long-standing relationship with the Trust to provide chances for students to volunteer in a variety of projects and serve as interns.  One of Singh’s formers students is now on the board of directors for the Trust, building upon his past volunteer experience with them. The Trust had their 25th anniversary conservation luncheon on March 21, 2019 at the Key Bridge Marriott, and UMW sponsored a table for this event. Dr. Singh was able to bring eight students to the event. Demonstrating the promise of community engagement, this partnership represents a example of President Paino’s strategic vision for UMW over the next decade.