May 26, 2024

An Invitation to Have Coffee with the President

UMW President Troy Paino. Photo by Suzanne Rossi.

UMW President Troy Paino. Photo by Suzanne Rossi.

From the Office of the President:

Dear UMW Faculty and Staff,

Last year I launched a series of coffee talks with faculty and staff to create a direct line of communication between the President’s Office and people who lead our core educational mission. The conversations were invaluable to me as we worked collectively to shape our strategic vision, establish community values, and share the challenges and opportunities before Mary Washington.

I welcome all faculty and staff to join me for informal, open discussion of the topics of greatest interest to those who attend. Occasionally, the coffees will focus on a particular issue facing us or may include other leaders who represent areas critical to institutional progress. Upcoming opportunities include:

  • Mon., Oct. 21                     10:30-11:30 a.m., Hurley Convergence Center, Room 210
  • Wed., Nov. 20                    4-5 p.m., Stafford Campus, South Building, Room 210
  • Thurs., Nov. 21                  2:30-3:30 p.m., Trinkle Hall, Room 207

My goal is to engage in the most transparent and direct lines of communication possible so that all members of UMW are equally informed and engaged in making the University the best place it can be. Whatever the event, I commit to candid conversation and intensive listening.

I hope to see you there. Your insights and involvement are not only welcome but also necessary for strong institutional leadership.



Troy D. Paino