June 9, 2023

Make Good Choices Campaign – Joining Our Collective Voices

A message from the COVID-19 Co-Coordinators. 


As the Implementation Team discussed this morning, two things are converging. First, email fatigue is real (the irony is not lost on us as we prepare to hit “send” on this) and the more we use email exclusively to communicate with students, the less effective it will be. Second, there is urgency around pushing out a resounding message about the importance of making good choices this weekend – our first big test since students are on campus and the weather is nice.

Consequently, we are asking everyone to share with students, in your own unique way, the imperative to be smart and continue adhering to MMDC as we head into the weekend. For example, if you are an instructor of a lab course, you might say “we are starting in-person labs next week, please be smart this weekend so that we can make this happen!”

At the same time, we should acknowledge that this is difficult – we all want to congregate – so we should also express our empathy as well as appreciation for the good work that has been done so far.

It will take all of us to push out this message, but it can make a real difference.

Thank you for your participation.

Jeff McClurken and Tim O’Donnell
COVID-19 Co-coordinators