May 22, 2024

Change in External Funding Procedures

To all UMW faculty and staff:

Established UMW policy is that all proposals for grants, fellowships, contracts, or agreements to be funded by ANY external funding entity (government, business, foundation, etc.) must receive prior approval from appropriate UMW officials BEFORE the proposal is submitted. To make this process work effectively, the person interested in seeking funding must make initial contact to indicate that a proposal is in the works.

Dr. John Morello has been the initial point of contact regarding prior approval for all external funding. Because John is retiring, we are making adjustments in this process. Effective immediately, all faculty members interested in submitting proposals to external funding sources should first contact the Associate Dean in their College to indicate their intention to seek external funding project support. All staff members should contact Julie Smith, Associate Vice President for Finance.

In cases where the institution’s Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) must submit the proposal on behalf of the institution, such as NSF grants and any federal grant processed through, Julie Smith is now serving as UMW’s AOR.

Individuals who have existing externally funded proposals should work with Julie Smith and Tony Dahm, Director of Accounting, to manage the financial or other administrative matters pertaining to those proposals.

Complete details about the procedures and policies governing external funding proposals are still found at the External Grants and Funding web site, which has been updated to reflect the necessary changes required to support the new procedures.

If you have any questions, please contact your Associate Dean (faculty), Julie Smith (staff) or me.


Nina Mikhalevsky