June 10, 2023

UMW update on outdoor crowd size gatherings

The following message is from the Dean of Students:

As students at UMW continue to diligently practice our risk-mitigation guidelines and as the Governor of Virginia begins to increase allowable crowd capacities, we have decided to expand from 10 to 25 the number of people who can safely gather in an outdoor setting. Of course, masking and social distancing still will apply. Also, indoor gathering capacity remains at 10.

We are calling this MMDC 10/25. Our hope is that, as the weather improves, this will lead to more fun activities outside with friends. We also are looking at some organized entertainment, such as outdoor movies. We’ve all been cooped up too long!

Even so, it is imperative to remember that this pandemic is still rampant. Although the number of vaccinated individuals is on the rise, it remains critical to continue wearing a mask, maintaining a six-foot physical distance, and limiting indoor gatherings to no more than 10 people.

Our seniors who are on track to graduate are counting on the entire community being ultra-vigilant in the weeks ahead so that there will be the opportunity for in-person commencement events in May. To do this, we must avoid any spikes in COVID cases. Please commit to MMDC 10/25.

Thank you, and enjoy the balance of this semester.

Dean Rucker