February 24, 2024

Goldman Discusses Cultural Appropriation and the Kardashians with BBC.com

Assistant Professor of Communication Adria Goldman

Assistant Professor of Communication Adria Goldman

Assistant Professor of Communication and Digital Studies Adria Goldman was interviewed by BBC.com about the Kardashian family appropriating Black culture. The article, which ran in advance of the series finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, said this:

“The Kardashians are viewed as both white and non-white,” says Adria Y Goldman, assistant professor of communication at the University of Mary Washington.

“The Kardashians’ continued popularity and success despite criticisms, show that on some level there is an acceptance of cultural appropriation, a lack of understanding of cultural appropriation, or a combination of the two.”

But while these relationships are presented on the show as uncomplicated, in a wider context things aren’t as straightforward. Prof Goldman says the relationship between Kim and Kanye (now seemingly on the rocks) contributes to her “racial ambiguity” and debates about her appropriation of black culture.

“Her association with Kanye and their children contribute to her position at the intersection of whiteness and blackness,” she says. “Some may argue Kim’s children with Kanye give her access to black culture. However, some may also view Kim’s familial connection as increasing the need for cultural sensitivity, understanding, and appreciation – as opposed to appropriation.” Read more.