May 29, 2024

A message from the Vice President for Administration and Finance

To all faculty and staff:

In March 2020, the University implemented additional spending control measures in response to financial uncertainties associated with the pandemic. These additional measures required Cabinet approval prior to the purchase or payment of all goods and services, regardless of fund source. The only exceptions were for purchases made by Emergency Management, Facilities and IT.

We appreciate your participation in and adherence to this additional process and your assistance in making conscious spending decisions. The Cabinet has learned a great deal more about the day-to-day purchasing needs of the University and we are thankful for everything you do to serve the University’s mission.

Effective immediately, Cabinet approval is no longer required for any purchase less than $1,000.

So what does this mean?

  • Purchases or payments $1,000 and greater still require cabinet approval through the purchase/payment approval request process:
  • Emergency Management, Facilities, and IT will continue to be exempt from this process.
  • All other applicable University and State purchasing requirements remain in place:
    • eVA requisitions, and Direct Pay check requests, will be reviewed for accompanying approval documentation prior to approving.
    • All other pre-approvals are still required, including but not limited to:
      • Business meals, including catering, must be pre-approved by a Cabinet member.
      • Travel pre-approvals must be obtained prior to any travel expenses.
      • Technology goods/software must go through the proper technology request process prior to purchasing.
  • Documentation of purchase approval will be required in paper and electronic card files for future reviews and audits. Please include a copy of this email with your SPCC payment card files for this August 14 – September 15 billing cycle.

This does NOT mean that you may split up your purchases of $1,000 or greater to avoid needing cabinet approval prior to purchasing. This could be considered order splitting (if it exceeds your spend limits) which is strictly prohibited, and is also purposefully circumventing University requirements.

If you have questions about this process, please direct them to Procurement.

Thank you again for your support and cooperation.

Paul C. Messplay
Vice President for Administration and Finance & CFO
University of Mary Washington
(540) 654-1410