June 18, 2024

Message to the Community

Dear UMW Community Members,

As part of the continuing work of the UMW Police Community Advisory Panel (CAP) process, I am writing to inform you of the formation of the Community Advisory Board (CAB). This is a presidential committee that will strengthen the University’s commitment to community policing, which is a strategy and a philosophy that emphasizes proactive and collaborative partnerships between police and community members. Ideally, this collaboration allows for an exchange of ideas and identification of concerns that encourages our dedication to inclusive excellence, builds trust, and strengthens public safety as a community-wide commitment and responsibility.

Input and recommendations from students, including the UMW NAACP 2020 Campus Police Assessment report, have informed the creation and mission of the Community Advisory Board. The CAB’s charge, purpose, and membership are below.


Troy D. Paino



The Community Advisory Board (CAB) will be comprised of students, faculty, staff, administration and UMW Police; it will serve as a bridge between the campus community and UMW Police. The Community Advisory Board will recommend reforms to reflect best practices in bias-free, inclusive policing and develop a process to continuously review and assess the effectiveness of campus policing policies and procedures, while also actively working to ensure alignment with accreditation standards.

The purpose of the Community Advisory Board is to reinforce the community policing philosophy embraced by the UMW Police. Through its representation from various stakeholders, the CAB will support the UMW Police’s efforts to promote transparency of operations and services in affirmation of their mission to provide a safe and secure environment for the University of Mary Washington. CAB recommendations and input will help the Chief of Police and UMW Police staff improve their operations and make community-informed decisions.

CAB Members

Dr. Juliette Landphair, Vice President for Student Affairs, Interim Chair
Officer Giovanni Baez, UMW Police
Dr. Bridget Brew, Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology
Arin Doerfler, Sr. Accountant-Fixed Assets
JoAnna Raucci, Associate Director, James Farmer Multicultural Center
Dr. Danny Tweedy, Associate Professor, English and Linguistics
Nahjah Wilson, UMW Student
Brian Wolf, UMW Student, Resident Assistant


Ex-Officio Members:

Mike Hall, Assoc. Vice President of Public Safety and Chief of Police
Dr. Shavonne Shorter, Associate Provost for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer