May 30, 2023

REMINDER: Zoom Phone Soft Launch

UMW Faculty and Staff,

This is a reminder the Zoom Phone service is available to you now as a “soft launch“. During the soft launch period, you can make and receive internal phone calls with your colleagues using their 4-digit extension.

However, you will not be able to make or receive calls to external numbers until the full launch on Wednesday, November 10, 2021. No change will be made to your current Cisco phones during the soft launch. They will continue to work as usual.

I encourage you to take some time during the soft launch to practice using Zoom Phone. Investing time now to get familiar and comfortable with the service will ensure a smooth transition to the full launch on November 10th.

The soft launch period provides you with the opportunity to get familiar with the Zoom Phone application and begin to practice placing phone calls, checking voicemail, etc., as well as configuring personal settings, like changing your voicemail greeting and PIN. It also provides the IT Department with time to correct any system configuration problems that may surface during testing.

For instructions on how to use many of the features and functions of Zoom Phone you can reference the guide below:

You can also view a recording of a live training session that was held Wednesday, October 27th using the link below.

When you log into the Zoom application, you will see an additional phone icon at the top of the screen. Click this icon and you’ll be able to make and receive internal calls.

Yealink Phones

Some areas and individuals were issued Zoom Phone-compatible desk phones from Yealink. The Yealink phones can also be used during the soft launch to make and receive internal calls. If you have an open network wall jack in your area, you can plug in your Yealink phone for testing. If you don’t have an open network jack, you can unplug your Cisco phone, plug in and test your Yealink phone, and then swap them back when you are finished testing.

If you have questions or concerns about the soft launch, please contact the Help Desk as 540-654-2255 or

For more information about UMW’s Zoom Phone project, including FAQs and how-to’s, visit

Hall Cheshire
Chief Information Officer
University of Mary Washington