September 21, 2023

Demolition of Alvey Hall

Over this year’s winter break, the University plans to raze Alvey Hall. This residence hall, adjacent to the Fitness Center, was closed during the summer of 2018 due to ongoing moisture control issues, which led to some mold growth within the building.

Alvey Hall has remained closed; during this time, we have explored a number of options, including full renovation as a residence hall as well as repurposing it for other uses. However, we currently have sufficient capacity in our other residence halls to fully meet the current and projected demand for on-campus housing. In addition, the cost of renovating Alvey Hall was estimated to be $12 to $15 million. That expense would have to come through higher residence hall rates, or – if the space was repurposed — increases in the Comprehensive Fee.

The razing of Alvey Hall will allow us not only to save renovation costs but also to provide additional green space in an area that is less open than other parts of campus. Final landscaping will occur later in the spring as weather permits.

Additionally, this project will aid us in reducing some of the University’s deferred maintenance, help us right-size the campus and reduce our operating costs for utilities, housekeeping and general maintenance.

Paul C. Messplay
Vice President for Administration and Finance & CFO
University of Mary Washington
(540) 654-1410