June 2, 2023

Al-Tikriti Presents Research at Istanbul Conference

Professor of Middle East History Nabil Al-Tikriti presented a keynote address entitled “Revisiting “Yavuz Sultan Selim Nasıl Padışah Oldu”: The Selimşah-Korkud Correspondence” on Thursday, November 4. Presenting his 20 minute address entirely in Turkish, Prof. Al-Tikriti summarized and commented on the secondary literature and primary source correspondence between Prince Korkud (d. 1513) and the future Yavuz Sultan Selim (d. 1520) for the “Yavuz Sultan Selim ve Dönemi Sempozyumu / The Symposium on Yavuz Sultan Selim and his Era.” The symposium was hosted by Istanbul Üniversitesi (University) and Türk Tarih Kurumu (Turkish Historical Foundation). This was an invited appearance.

The symposium website includes further information, and photos. The conference proceedings should be published in the next few months.

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