May 29, 2024

Farnsworth Comments in the News

Professor of Political Science Stephen Farnsworth

Professor of Political Science Stephen Farnsworth

Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science and director of the University’s Center for Leadership and Media Studies, recently commented on the following news stories:

Youngkin takes office with immediate focus on education, thrilling some and terrifying others (The Washington Post)

Seven school boards sue to stop Gov. Youngkin’s mask-optional order on the day it takes effect (The Washington Post; Laredo Morning Times)

More than half of Virginia school districts are defying Youngkin’s mask-optional order (The Washington Post)

Some Va. school systems say they’ll ignore Youngkin’s masking order (WTOP)

7News On Your Side: Could Gov. Youngkin pull state funds from schools over his mask order? (WJLA)

Prince William Co. school board head seeks ‘masking off ramp,’ asks Youngkin for help (WTOP)

Roanoke County School Board tables mask mandate for now (The Roanoke Times)

Virginia colleges roll back employee vaccine mandates after Youngkin order (The Washington Post; WFXR; WWBT)

Finance Reports: Youngkin Raised Big Bucks Post Election (The Washington Post; NBC 4; Daily Press; US News and World Reports; The Virginian-Pilot)

Virginia lieutenant governor Earle-Sears makes her mark in Richmond during tumultuous first week (The Washington Post)

Virginia colleges reverse vaccine mandate for staff, following governor’s order (WRIC)

Biden promises deep involvement in midterm elections (Fox News)

Pete Buttigieg ready to ride to the rescue as Democrats face disaster (The Sunday Times of London)

Charlottesville has a new mayor — but remember, the mayor’s not the one in charge here (Charlottesville Tomorrow)

Millions of parents lose Child Tax Credit money–President Biden’s first year in office wins and losses–Fish that can drive cars (KNX In Depth)

Playing a long game hoping that Republicans will regain control of Congress (Texas News Today)