September 20, 2023

Implementation of Cardinal HCM for UMW employee pay and benefits

For more than three years, various departments at UMW – Finance, Human Resources, Student Employment, Enterprise Application Services (IT) and Payroll – have been working alongside the Virginia Department of Accounts (DOA) and the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) to implement the statewide Cardinal Human Capital Management system (Cardinal HCM). Cardinal HCM will replace several of the Commonwealth’s aging systems, including the Personnel Management Information System (PMIS), the Benefits Eligibility System (BES), the Commonwealth Integrated Personnel/Payroll System (CIPPS), Employee Direct and Payline. UMW is part of Cardinal HCM’s release 2 and is scheduled to go-live in April 2022.

At UMW, most employees will use only Cardinal’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) module. ESS replaces Payline and Employee Direct. ESS can be used to view information unique to you, view your pay stub or W-2, or to enroll in or update your health benefits. You will use an email address to log into ESS. This can be your UMW email address or an optional personal email address. Communications regarding health benefits will be sent to the email address you choose.

If you prefer to use a personal email address, follow the steps below to enter a Cardinal Optional HCM Pay and Benefits email address directly into Banner SSB. If you prefer to use your UMW email, you do not need to take any action. 

  • login to Banner SSB
  • select Personal Information
  • select My Profile
  • select Personal Information
  • in the email section select Add New
  • in the email type drop down select Cardinal Optional HCM Pay and Benefits
  • enter a non-UMW email address
  • click Add

MyTime will continue to be UMW’s system of record for time, attendance and leave balances. The way you currently use MyTime will not change.

DOA, DHRM and UMW’s Cardinal HCM Project Team will continue to share information via email regarding the implementation of Cardinal HCM and its impact on UMW employees.


UMW’s Cardinal HCM Project Team

Cheryl Anderson
Denise Frye
Justina Jones
Leslie Petrey
Julie Smith
Kayla Smith
Linda Thornton
Paula Wilder
Lynda Worthy