July 20, 2024

Update on Ball Circle construction and restoration

From UMW Student Affairs and Administration and Finance.

Dear Campus Community:

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue underground utility work throughout the Fredericksburg campus. While critical to our operations, infrastructure repairs over the last several months have particularly affected areas around our campus center, including Ball Circle. All of us look forward to Ball Circle’s restoration as our beautiful campus hub. In that vein, we are writing today to provide you with updates about Ball Circle as we enter the academic year’s final stretch.

  • The underground repair work under Ball Circle is wrapping up and the large hole next to the University Center has been filled. In the next week, we will be laying down sod across the affected area.
  • The sod will cover about 3/4ths of Ball Circle and will require several weeks to take root; thus, that area of Ball Circle will remain closed off until Monday April 4.
  • After April 4, the plan is for Ball Circle to open up for general pedestrian use and enjoyment. Because of the impact on sod growth, major events planned between April 4 and April 21 will relocate to other areas of campus. Formal scheduling of events on Ball Circle between April 4 and the end of the semester (with some limitations to protect the new grass), will be handled through 25Live here.
  • Many beloved spring campus traditions typically occur on Ball Circle. In anticipation of the unsuitability of the Ball Circle grounds, the planning team for the April 9 Multicultural Fair is planning to locate most of the events and vendors to Jefferson Square, Campus Walk, and the “beach” between Randolph and Mason Halls.
  • We do anticipate that the Ball Circle grounds will be ready for Devil/Goat Day on April 21 and for Commencement on May 7.
  • Requests for reservations of Ball Circle are made here. For further questions, please email Kathleen Flanagan, Manager of Student Affairs Operations.

We will continue to update you as the semester proceeds. Again, thank you for working with us to lift up and energize Mary Washington at this critical time.


Juliette Landphair, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
University of Mary Washington