June 3, 2023

Updates to Signature Authority, Designated Signers Documents

Many recent staffing changes and retirements have resulted in changes to the University’s Signature Authority document and Designated Signers list.

Authority to sign contracts on behalf of the University of Mary Washington is delegated to the University’s President and may be further delegated at the President’s sole discretion. The only individuals who currently hold this delegated authority, and the level to which the authority extends, are found in the University’s Signature Authority document: FY23 Signature Card. The University holds that such contracts that are executed outside of this authority to be null and void. Payments shall not be issued against these unauthorized and voided contracts; and individuals who act outside of signature authority may be held personally liable.

Similarly, President Paino has authorized some individuals to sign certain Administration and Finance forms. Designated Signers are obligated to review certain forms and approve appropriate expenditures. A list of these Designated Signers along with the types of documents and areas they’re authorized to sign for can be found on the Accounts Payable website.

Please note that the Designated Signers list and the contract Signature Authority list are not the same. 

Save the link below as a favorite for easy reference to both lists.https://adminfinance.umw.edu/ap/dspresident/