June 22, 2024

Gwen Hale Resource Center Updates

Thanks to the support of many, many people across campus and in the wider community, the Gwen Hale Resource Center has been serving a LOT of folks this year. We have provided food, toiletries, clothing and more to community members – logging over 350 visits so far this academic year. (For comparison, last year by this time we had logged about 75 visits). We are also serving over 150 people every other week when the Food Bank comes to campus for a Fresh Market produce distribution on Thursdays, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in front of Lee Hall. ALL are welcome and encouraged to come get fresh fruits and veggies!

We want to:

-make sure we all know that our students still have significant resource needs
-THANK YOU for your support (in donations, in volunteer time, in spreading the word)
-and ask for yet more support in the Spring.

There are several opportunities for support coming up in Spring 2023:

1. Our Food Bank Fresh Markets will occur the first Thursday and third Wednesday of each month, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. We aim to have student volunteers at these distributions, but help from fac/staff would always be so welcome. Please just let me know if you’d like to join – or show up on the day, that is great too.

2. Through the Food Bank, we have developed a partnership with the Giant in Eagle Village, and we pick up donations there every Tuesday morning at 9. I am recruiting volunteers who would be willing to take a turn doing this pick up, and dropping off at GHRC. If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll send more info and a link to a sign-up form.

3. We can always use more donations, honestly. “In kind” donations are the easiest for us to handle – you know, food. We have a steady need for bars (granola, breakfast, snack, you name it), snacks of any kind, breakfast food. But anything you’d care to provide, we would be delighted to receive. Donations can be dropped off outside of the Center for Community Engagement (UC 320) or at the GHRC itself (Lee Hall Attic).

Thanks again for your support.

Leslie Martin
Associate Professor of Sociology