June 24, 2024

Farnsworth Lectures on U.S. Public Opinion and the Presidency

Professor of Political Science Stephen Farnsworth

Professor of Political Science Stephen Farnsworth

Stephen Farnsworth, professor of political science and director of the University’s Center for Leadership and Media Studies, recently delivered an online lecture, “The Presidency, U.S. Public Opinion and Foreign Policy,” to the students and faculty at Methodist College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr. Farnsworth was a Fulbright Specialist in Malaysia during 2019.

Other recent media mentions received by Farnsworth include:

George Mason University Students Petition Against Youngkin as Commencement Speaker (NBC 4)
Political science professor Dr. Stephen Farnsworth says that as Americans become more polarized, universities are struggling to find a balance between protecting free speech and protecting marginalized students. “As more and more people are combative and hateful in the things that they have to say, universities increasingly feel pressure by the left and by the right and are caught in the middle in these kinds of culture wars,” Farnsworth said.

Biden’s Ottawa Trip Focused on Ukraine (CP24)

“It is a relationship that benefits both nations in all sorts of ways whether we are talking about economic or security, and I think one of the things that is really clear about the Biden presidency is that this is a presidency about restoring the long- standing bond not only with Canada but with other allies and nations around the world that have had sort of a back hand experience in the Trump years,” said Stephen Farnsworth.
Trump to Hold Rally in Waco, Texas (CTV News)
“You can expect Trump talking about how bad the prosecutors are and how unfairly he was treated. Trump always turns to being a victim when he feels squeezed and that works pretty well with his base supporters,” said Stephen Farnsworth.
The all-important top ballot position (WVTF)
Stephen Farnsworth at the University of Mary Washington says this is one of the few things a well-organized campaign can actually control. “The election is still some time away, and so if you can get your name on the ballot now at the front of the line, that may make a difference,” Farnsworth says.
Trump Claims He Will Be Arrested Tuesday (CTV News)
“Well, one doesn’t know what Trump has been told privately and so I imagine that certainly given the progress the grand jury has made, at least what we know publicly, it does seem likely that there would be an indictment next week or the next week after in the New York case,” said Stephen Farnsworth.
Behind the Scenes of Kal Penn’s Big Week at The Daily Show (Esquire)
Still, I asked Penn if what late night hosts have been selling has anything to do with their having fewer customers, and whether they’ve suffered alongside the decline of a truly great product: what one observer, Stephen Farnsworth, has called the “political crack cocaine” of Donald Trump.
Preparations for Trump’s Possible Indictment (CTV News)
“Well, this is a serious, serious problem for the former president. He’s looking at the possibility of all of the most sorted tales of his business as well as his personal life coming to the floor right at the time he is running for president,” said Stephen Farnsworth.
Trump is Expected to be Arrested on Tuesday (CP24)
“I do anticipate that Donald Trump is going to be indicted. Whether it is Tuesday, we will see. There is no official word from the prosecutors that’s the date,” said Stephen Farnsworth.