July 17, 2024

Life After Mary Washington – QEP Update – Meaningful Connections

The following message is from the QEP Co-chairs:

Dear Colleagues,

Destination UMW is upon us. We will have admitted students and their families on campus to seal the deal and confirm their reasons for making UMW their choice for their undergraduate experience. Shortly after these weekends, students who accept their admission will begin to arrive on campus for orientation. It may seem strange to talk about our Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Life After Mary Washington, at these opening events, but the truth is that it can’t be too early to introduce these competencies that are so essential to life and career success. While we will refrain from bombarding students with the “after” portion of our message, there can’t be enough talk about the competencies that align with their liberal arts experience and that will shape their time here as well as who they will become after graduation.

Let’s consider meaningful connections. We want our students to actively seek to create awareness of and appreciation for meaningful interactions with others that enrich their sense of community. What better time to impress upon them the importance of engaging in this way than when they first arrive? This competency as defined for our community highlights meaningful connections grounded in our ASPIRE values that promote respect for self and others.

This QEP is about connecting the liberal arts experience to work and life and it starts with connecting to each other.

For more information on the QEP and the definitions of the competencies, please visit the QEP website.


Kimberly Young, Associate Provost for Career & Workforce and Jennifer Walker, Associate Professor of Special Education | Program Director of Special Education