March 2, 2024

Dhar Accompanies Students to Lead Conference in Dallas

Dr.Dhar, Peter Lermo, and Jarad Ponce at the Dallas bank

Dr.Dhar, Peter Lermo, and Jarad Ponce at the Dallas bank

This October Associate Professor of Economics Amrita Dhar, and students Jarad Ponce and Peter Lermo, traveled to Dallas, Texas. They attended the 17th Annual Economic Scholars Program Conference for Undergraduate Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

Economics major Jarad Ponce presented “The Sidewalk Effect: A study on the demand for homes in Fredericksburg, VA.” He looked at the relationship between two Fredericksburg neighborhoods and the effect that having uniform sidewalks had on the housing prices. He found at the .1% Significance level that sidewalks had a positive 8% effect on the housing prices. “My experience at the conference pleasantly developed a great sense of accomplishment and belonging amongst my peers.” – Jarad Ponce

Economics major Peter Lermo presented “Income and Opioid Overdoses.” Lermo used panel data from 2014-2020 and conducted two regression models. The first model is where state had fixed effects and the second model is where state and year had fixed effects. The first model found that income had a positive effect on overdoses to where for every 1% increase in income, overdoses increased by .7396 per 100,000 people. In the second model income also had a positive effect and for every 1% increase in income, overdoses would increase by .1351 per 100,000 people. Lermo came up with the topic because of the rapid increase in synthetic opioid overdoses that have occurred over the past decade.