March 2, 2024

MyTime Winter Break Approval Deadlines

MyTime Supervisors and Employees,

Winter Break is rapidly approaching (12/22/23-1/03/24). Due to payroll deadlines imposed by the State for the month December, Payroll has less time for processing timecards.

It is critical for timecards to be complete, accurate, error free and approved by the deadlines stated below. Payroll strongly encourages employees to approve their timecard in advance of the deadline, if they have finished working for the pay period, in order for their supervisors and Payroll to have sufficient time for review and processing.

Bi-weekly Timecard Approval Deadlines for Wage and Students

Pay Period 12/04/23 – 12/17/22, approval is due Monday, 12/18/23 no later than 10am

If the employee has completed working for the pay period and will not work during the holidays, we strongly encourage employees and supervisors to review and approve the timecards for the pay period(s) prior to leaving for break.  Reminder: when approving in advance, select “Current Pay Period”.

Semi-monthly MyTime Approval Deadlines for Classified and A/P faculty
Pay Period 12/10/23-12/24/23, approval is due by Friday, 12/22/23 no later than 10am.  If you are scheduled to work during winter break, deadline is 12/25/23 no later than 10am.



  • It is critical that you review timecard exceptions and resolve missing punches prior to the holiday closures. Reviewing timecards in advance, before the pay period ends, allows you time for resolving issues. Red blocks indicate a punch has been missed.


  • Take care when editing punches as MyTime defaults to “a.m.” Please ensure the timecards reflect all time worked and have the employee’s approval.
  • Incomplete or unapproved timecards prevent the entire Payroll from being processed.  

Manager Delegation

Supervisors that are unavailable to approve timecards or time-off requests may Delegate their approval to another MyTime supervisor. Supervisors receiving the delegation must accept the request in MyTime before they will have access. Please use the MyTime Supervisor Manual to view the instructions.

Time-off Requests

Many employees and supervisors will use leave prior to and/or after break. Please ensure leave requests are processed and approved prior to timecard approval deadlines.

Please contact the Payroll Office at with any questions.HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Cheryl L. Anderson
Assistant Controller – Systems
Finance Office