June 25, 2024

Al-Tikriti Speaks at Displacement Meeting Hosted by IF20 and IRUSA

Professor of Middle Eastern History Nabil Al-Tikriti

On 27 March 2024, Professor of Middle East History Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti joined a panel entitled “The Roots of a Nation to Forced Migration: Contravention of International Law,” jointly organized by Interfaith G-20 and Islamic Relief USA. Panelists included: Cynthia Lange (Senior Counsel, Fragomen), Anna Greene (Senior Protection Officer, UNHCR), Parisa Dada (Program Officer, USRAP Capacity Building Resettlement, Asylum, and Integration, International Rescue Committee), and Alia Boltakke (Founder & Attorney, The Boltakke Law Group). 

The panel description:

“Over 130 million people are expected to be affected by displacement in 2024. This is a staggering figure, with widespread implications. In response to the recent trend of increased displacements, there has been renewed conversation on the rights of stay for asylum seekers, who arrive in new countries because of conflict and displacement. Though the 1951 Refugee Convention outlines the right of asylum seekers to legally seek asylum in their country of presence without fear of removal, recent cases such as the UK and Denmark have seen the attempted relocation of asylum seekers to third countries. In 2023, similar policy interests and discussions took shape in the midst of the conflict in the Middle East. These renewed cases are reminiscent of historical examples, bringing to light the increased need to review and advocate for the rights of those seeking asylum. This panel event will bring together legal experts, humanitarian workers, and global advocates for an engaging discussion on the historical and present day state of asylum affairs in an ever-complex world.”