July 19, 2024

EagleEye Classifieds

Read the following before posting to EagleEye Classifieds.

  1. EagleEye Classifieds will let UMW faculty and staff sell, purchase, exchange or give away goods and services including (but not limited to) homes, automobiles, personal computers, tickets and other similar merchandise that one may find in traditional newspaper classified advertising. It also is a place to solicit for carpooling/ridesharing.
  2. This site is for personal use only and no commercial/business advertisements or use is permitted.
  3. Use of EagleEye Classifieds is limited to members of the UMW community.
  4. EagleEye Classifieds is moderated. Any inappropriate postings will be removed immediately and a message will be sent to the poster.
  5. Use of EagleEye Classfieds is your acknowledgement that the University shall not be held liable or otherwise responsible for the contents and postings of EagleEye Classifieds, and that the site is to be used for purely personal, non-business related communication. All transactions are between the buyer and seller and the University is not a party to these transactions.
  6. Personal ads soliciting companionship are not permitted.
  7. All postings must have a valid @umw.edu e-mail address and be from confirmed members of the UMW faculty or staff.
  8. Postings are automatically removed after 30 calendar days. You must repost your advertisement if you wish it to appear for more than 30 days.
  9. Please address questions or concerns to the UMW Office of Media and Public Relations at (540) 654-1055.

Use the Contribute form to submit your classified ad: http://umweagleeye.wpengine.com/contribute/.