May 25, 2024

Kelly Shannon: On the Move

Director of Campus Recreation Kelly Shannon expected to find career fulfillment at UMW. But when her young son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016, she realized she’d found much more.

Kelly Shannon, Director of Campus Recreation

Kelly Shannon, Director of Campus Recreation

“There was an outpouring of love and support. No one hesitated to check on me,” Shannon said. “Two years in and people are still following his journey and checking in with us.”

(To read updates, visit Graeme’s Warrior Page on Facebook.)

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Milton Kline: Stroke of Genius

With a UMW career that spans nearly 39 years, manager of the student painting program Milton Kline knows every university building like the back of his hand. He can be found throughout the week in any residence hall, administration building or classroom wearing his crisp white painting garb and proudly sporting a UMW baseball cap.

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Environmental Art Takes Root in Downtown Garden

While most UMW students completed final exams in classrooms this week, Art Professor Carole Garmon took her environmental art class outdoors. Surrounded by foliage, students went to work at Downtown Greens, a community greenspace on Charles Street in Fredericksburg. They installed beneath a sweltering sun a wild rose trellis and a “tiny library” – a […]

Tev Zukor: Let’s Talk it Out

Two items in Tev Zukor’s office encapsulate the Talley Center director’s quirky personality: a stuffed gorilla sporting a Safe Zone shirt and a Harry Potter wand on proud display.

Talley Center Director Tev Zukor

Talley Center Director Tev Zukor. Photo by Alex Sakes.

Zukor is always ready to give coworkers and clients a much-needed laugh. But when it comes to helping students, Zukor’s passion is serious.

He was in college when he lost his sister to suicide. That event was as traumatic and devastating as it was life-changing. Zukor knew then he wanted to devote his life to mental health.

As a staff psychologist at Virginia Tech during the 2007 shooting, Zukor understands the impact tragedies can have on university communities. Since coming to UMW four and a half years ago, Zukor has helped students navigate the hard times.

They often request “the guy with the stuffed monkey,” knowing that a friendly, always-cheerful Zukor is on the other side of the door.

Q: What brought you to UMW?
A: I’ve worked in collegiate mental health my entire life. UMW is the kind of place where colleagues get to know each other and appreciate each other. We work with students who are extremely invested and passionate. They want to make change.

Q: How do students benefit from your department?
A: When people are struggling with issues of adjustment, figuring out how to navigate college or how to fit in, we serve them. But we also see the other side of it. We see students at the height of crises in life.

Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?
A: Seeing change. Students with bipolar disorder or autism were dissuaded from attending college 15 years ago. Now, with the advancement of mental health and counseling services, these students can not only be successful, they can thrive.

Q: Have you seen any other changes?
A: There’s an upwards of 15 to 20 percent increase in demand for services at the Talley Center each year.

Q: What would you tell a student who is conflicted about reaching out?
A: All of our services are completely confidential. It is difficult to talk about challenges and struggles. But they can always come in and talk and know their information will not be shared.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the office?
A: I love baseball. I love getting out to ballgames. As a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, I learned to be the eternal optimist. The happiest day of my entire life was when the Cubs won the World Series in 2016 for the first time in more than 100 years.

Q: Do you have any personal mantras you tell yourself every day?
A: Come in, do the best you can and the rest will work itself out.

Student Service, a “COAR” Value

In her earliest memories, Megan Turner ’18 can see her mother planning service projects. Turner was still a child when she joined in for the first time, along with her sister and brother, delivering blankets and food to the area’s homeless. The moment stuck with her. That’s when she sensed the beginnings of something she […]

JoAnna Raucci: Constituting Change

If you’ve attended a James Farmer Multicultural event, you’ve likely seen JoAnna Raucci. She’s in constant motion, carrying tables and grabbing bottled water for performers – whatever it takes to make sure the events she helps plan run smoothly. That’s certainly true during February, when Raucci and her staff organize UMW’s celebration of Black History Month, including this evening’s Black Minds Matter event, a discussion of mental health in the black community. [Read more…]

UMW Ranked Among Nation’s Best for Low Debt, Superior Academics

The University of Mary Washington has been recognized again as one of the best schools in the nation for affordable student loan debt and superior academics, according to two recent studies. In surveys by LendEDU, UMW ranked 16th of 100 small public colleges for the least average debt per borrower.  A marketplace resource for student […]

Lynda Worthy: Show Me the Money

If you’ve run into her on campus, you might not have made the connection. Lynda Worthy shies away from the spotlight, but she’s the force behind one of the best things about working at Mary Washington: the paycheck.

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