July 23, 2024

Alicia Tisdale Named Excellent Eagle Employee for October

The Staff Advisory Council is pleased to recognize Alicia Tisdale as the Excellent Eagle Employee for October. The award for this honor is a designated parking space of the awardee’s choosing.

Alicia is distinguished in having two champions, or those who nominated her for the award.

Laura Allison wrote:

Alicia is absolutely fantastic! She works with students, parents, staff, and faculty on a daily basis. No matter what she’s working on, or how busy she may be, Alicia always has a smile on her face. She provides phenomenal internal and external customer service, and her professionalism should be an example to us all. Alicia is an advocate for the Lee Hall front line staff, and always pays attention to detail. She is always willing to jump in and help out on a project. She provides invaluable insight due to the vast institutional knowledge she possesses. Alicia truly is a representation of what an Excellent Eagle is, and the University is lucky to have her!

Accompanying that, Alicia’s other champion, Angela Lilly, wrote:

Alicia always has a professional demeanor and a willingness to help with any situation.  She is a pleasure to work with on projects.  She displays excellent customer service with a smile for her co-workers, UMW students and everyone that she interacts with.

Congratulate Alicia when you see her, and remember to send nominations for Excellent Eagle Employee to Excellent Eagle Employee nomination.