July 17, 2024

2015-16 Fire Drill Schedule for Academic and Administrative Buildings

To comply with state fire safety guidelines and to enhance the safety of the UMW community, the University will conduct annual fire drills in administrative and academic buildings beginning the week of Oct. 5.  Exact dates and times will not be posted, but the week each test occurs will be listed.  Be assured these exercises are being conducted in ways that minimize negative impact on the University community, but their intent is to test emergency procedures with the buildings occupied.

Observations from last year’s round of fire drills are included with the schedule. Also, guidelines for how fire drills will be conducted are posted on the Emergency Management and Safety website so all are aware of their roles and responsibilities. Supervisors and faculty should make sure that students, faculty and staff are aware of expectations and have a general understanding of how these drills will be conducted. Questions may be directed to Briant Atkins at Brent House (540) 654-2108 or batkins@umw.edu.


2015-16 Administrative and Academic Building Fire Drill Schedule

Week Number  Date  Building 1  Building 2  Building 3
1 October 5-9 GW Lee Hall ITCC
2 October 12-16 Simpson Library Combs Hall 1004 College
3 October 19-23 Dupont Hall Pollard Hall Melcher Hall
 4  October 26-30 Fitness Ctr/Goolrick Hall  Trinkle  1201 William
5 November 2-6 Alumni Center Tennis Center Brent House
6 November 9-13 Fairfax House Hamlet House Tyler House
7 Nov 16-20 (Inspections) Annex A Annex B Marye House
8 Nov 23-27 (Thg Break) None None None
9 Nov 30-Dec 4 (Final Study) Stafford N Stafford S Dahlgren
10 December 7-11 (Finals) Heating Plant Brent Make-up /Resch
11 December 14-18 Make-up /Resch Make-up /Resch Make-up /Resch
12 December 21-25 Closed Closed Closed
13 Dec 28-Jan 1 Closed Closed Closed
14 January 4-8 Monroe Jepson Make-up/Resch
15 January 11-15 Make-up /Resch Make-up /Resch Make-up /Resch


Common issues and observations from last years fire drills:

  • Generally most went well
  • Marshaling or gathering points too close to buildings
  • Some facilities had spent more time planning than others and this was noticeable.
  • Fire drills occurring during class (or actual alarms) should be addressed early in semester to get students in the state of mind
  • Some persons did not evacuate buildings. All are required to leave the building when the fire alarm sounds for whatever reason.
  • Accountability of students when drills occurred during class. Some students were told that they could go ahead and leave prior to evacuating for the fire drill. There was a lack of accountability  for both students and staff.
  • Close doors where you can, but not an absolute. Doors contain fire for a period of time.
  • Develop procedures with connecting buildings where the alarm may or may not sound when your building does.
  • Staff should be discouraged from checking buildings especially where hazardous conditions, like smoke, may exist. Account for personnel outside.

Summer Fire System Testing

Convergint Systems will begin summer testing of all fire alarm systems between Tuesday, June 17 and Monday, July 28. Testing will occur during daylight hours. If you know of events occurring during this time period, please contact the Office of Emergency Management and Safety as soon as possible. The testing schedule can be altered so that it will not interfere with scheduled events. Our office already is aware of the Orientation schedule, which will not be affected. Questions or concerns may be directed to Fire Safety Officer Briant Atkins at batkins@umw.edu or 654-2108, or Emergency Management and Safety Director Ruth Lovelace at rlovelace@umw.edu or 654-2096.