May 29, 2022

Cate Brewer Co-Chairs National Theatre Conference

Cate Brewer, Lecturer in Theatre in the Department of Theatre and Dance, co-chaired the Practice/Production Symposium of The Mid-America Theatre Conference.  She also presented her paper entitled: “Contemporizing Commedia: Re-envisioning the Renaissance.”  Cate has presented at The Mid-America Theatre Conference for the last six years.

Cate Brewer Directs Piece at Kennedy Center Festival

Cate Brewer, visiting assistant professor of Theatre and Dance, directed a piece from Four Riffs for a Sailor by Monica Raymond with The Guillotine Theatre Company (formerly Georgetown Theatre), for The Kennedy Center’s 11th annual Page-to-Stage Festival this weekend. Four Riffs for a Sailor examines the roles of several female characters woven throughout Homer’s Odyssey.